Antonio Plazibat (James Law/GLORY)

Antonio Plazibat on Badr Hari’s Future: ‘How Much Does He Want It?’

Heavyweight kickboxer Antonio Plazibat recently commented on the future of Badr Hari. Both strikers will soon be competing and will likely qualify for the heavyweight Grand Prix at the end of this year.

Antonio Plazibat comments on Badr Hari’s future

The Dutch-Moroccan Badr Hari will soon be competing in the main event of GLORY 88 against MMA veteran James McSweeney. The UK-born McSweeney has competed in KSW, the UFC, ONE Championship, and GLORY kickboxing. Whoever wins will get a placement in GLORY’s heavyweight Grand Prix at the end of this year.

The 38-year-old Hari is well known to kickboxing fans with a career spanning over 20 years. Along the way, Hari has defeated notable fighters such as Alistair Overeem, Gökhan Saki, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, and many others.


Overall, the Dutch-Moroccan Hari has a record of 106-16-0 3 NC. However, since 2016, the kickboxing legend has earned a record of 0-4-0 and 3 NC.

Croatia’s Antonio Plazibat will be in the main event of Glory: Collision 5 against ‘Cookie’ Tariq Osaro for the interim GLORY heavyweight kickboxing world title. It was meant to be a match against reigning champion Rico Verhoeven, the Dutch Verhoeven dropped out due to a knee injury.

Ahead of his main title showdown on June 17, Plazibat sat down with Tim Wheaton of Combat Press to discuss the future Badr Hari. The Croatian striker explained:

“How much does he want it? He’s a legend already. What else does he need to prove? I feel he wants to do it but at the same time, I have a good relationship with him and everything, but at the same time I’m just thinking that he doesn’t have anything left to prove … He has more than enough knockouts, more than enough highlights, he has money, has fame … I think it’s just a question of motivation. He clearly wants to do it.”