Robbie Lawler (L) and Rory MacDonald face off (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

How to Have the Best UFC Viewing Experience

Finding the toughest person on the block is the focus of a sports discipline. But martial arts are perhaps the only sport that captures this idea the most literally.

You can get a battle in its most ideal and pure form thanks to The Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC is genuinely here to determine who is the best by pitting the finest fighters from every fighting style against one another. Every UFC encounter is the epitome of what a good fight ought to be. It’s cruel, persistent, and merciless, but the best part is that it’s always a surprise.

You can never predict what will happen or which style will prevail. Who would win in a fight is a constant debate around any UFC contest. This is why it’s one of the sports that provides the best watching experience for fans, who can get together for a night of watching fights and even add layers of entertainment such as betting on the outcome of the bouts.


Therefore, we have prepared for you some recommendations for improving your experience when watching UFC. Whether you’re new to this sport or an expert, you’ll surely find something that’ll improve your time spent in front of the TV.

Getting to know the streaming options to watch UFC

Nothing compares to experiencing a live battle. And while watching the battle from the arena is one of the few things that any fan would value more than anything else, not everyone can afford to travel to Las Vegas. You still wouldn’t be able to buy as many tickets as you desire even if you could personally attend every game. Naturally, you then resort to the second-best option, which is UFC streaming. There are many options:

  • ESPN+: This paid streaming service undoubtedly offers the best UFC programming available. You truly can’t ask for more from ESPN+’s extensive selection of MMA and boxing content. ESPN+ offers exclusive content in a wide range of UFC programming including Dana White’s Contender Series, Detail from the Mind of Daniel Cormier, and UFC Destined.
  • UFC Fight Pass: You can stream all the non-pay-per-view fighting action with UFC Fight Pass. You have a wide range of possibilities thanks to the platform’s depth of material. Its extensive collection digs deep to provide you access to even some of the most famous battles in history. You can still watch the PPV events as they’re offered separately.

The UFC doesn’t have as many platforms as some of the other sports, but perhaps that’s for the best. You don’t have to subscribe to all of them; just pick the one that’s right for you.

The best way to complement your UFC-watching experience

People all around the world enjoy watching UFC matches, making it a global sport with a large fan base. And every sports fan looks for betting sites to increase the excitement of the match and to back their favorite athletes with sizable bets.

There is a huge chance to win, especially for spectators who are familiar with UFC fighting and online betting. Betting on the UFC might be intimidating for newcomers who are still getting to know the intricacies of mixed martial arts. But once you are familiar with the fight sequences and combat regulations, the process gets much simpler and smoother.

Numerous betting sites and online sportsbooks can be found online, and it’s important for you to always look out for platforms offering the best standards of secrecy, security, and big payouts. 

One of the biggest and greatest online sportsbooks in the world is Sports Betting Online. They provide a wide range of events, which includes UFC fights. They are a good alternative for both novice and more seasoned bettors due to their large array of betting possibilities. Additionally, they provide bonuses and advice on how to use them and have more than 275 independent and impartial bookmaker reviews.

Another important point to keep in mind is that UFC betting will require a little more expertise and practice on your part. The easiest method to gradually refine your betting strategy is to start off slowly, familiarize yourself with the various bets, and test them out. You can make bigger bets as you gain expertise and become more knowledgeable. But to start, the best method to improve your plan is to fine-tune it over time.