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2022 NBA Free Agency: The Best Players Still Available

As the basketball world waits for news following Kevin Durant’s rumored trade request from the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA free agency period that had been moving along briskly has come to a virtual halt.

Since the June 23 NBA Draft, we have tracked all alleged and official free-agency transactions as well as the trades that have been completed in the offseason. Teams and players may begin signing contracts on July 6. Now that the league is focusing a portion of its emphasis on the 2022 NBA Summer League, it seems like we at least have quite a room to maneuver. Nevertheless, the NBA is home to a number of great free agents who are currently looking for new deals. If you are a sports freak and want to have some alluring sports book reviews, you are good to go.

Here in this post, we will cover seven of the top 2022 NBA free agents that are currently available.


1. Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers

Strong desire for both parties to reach an agreement, it is likely that Sexton will back to Cleveland. The 23-year-old only participated in 11 games of the previous season before having a torn meniscus, which made him miss the remainder of 2021–2022. Prior to 2021–22, Sexton averaged over 20 points every game. As a result, even if Darius Garland has become an All-Star, there is still room on the team for a scorer like Sexton.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge, Brooklyn Nets

Aldridge, 36, didn’t participate in a single second of Brooklyn’s hurried 2022 postseason campaign, so you apparently forgot about him. The man can still move, though not as quickly as in the past, and he is still nearly automatic in the post and at mid-range. After 17 seasons, Aldridge still has the desire to win his first championship. He shot 55 percent from the field last season.

3. Dennis Schroder, Houston Rockets

before being traded to the Rockets, performed 49 games with the Boston Celtics in the previous season. As long as something with Durant doesn’t happen, Schroder seems to be another guy who is waiting in limbo. A number of teams wanting to add stability in the backcourt may find the quick 28-year-old to their liking. Schroder is unlikely to resign in Houston given the youth movement that is currently going on.

4. James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers

Harden is anticipated to negotiate a new contract in Philadelphia for less money than the $47.3 million choice for the next season that he chose not to exercise. In order to offer himself and the organization, which is aiming to build a squad that already contains 2022 Kia MVP runner-up Joel Embiid, greater freedom, Harden took the decision to accept less money in what is anticipated to be a shorter contract.

5. Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns

Durant reportedly prefers to represent the Suns in a trade, which has complicated and delayed Ayton’s future prospects. The 23-year-old is anticipated to wait to sign until the Kevin Durant situation is resolved, and it seems like the former No. 1 overall choice, who began the 2021–22 season hoping to land a max deal, has a number of alternatives involving many teams.

6. Carmelo Anthony, Los Angeles Lakers

We frequently hear how important it is for franchisees to retain experienced players who can mentor young players in a manner akin to how Miami uses Udonis Haslem. When an experienced player can help clubs win games, as Anthony has in his last two visits, that is an added plus. The 38-year-old has a 3-point shooting percentage of 37.5 percent or higher over the last three seasons.

7. Montrezl Harrell, Charlotte Hornets

Harrell has only been a member of three teams since winning the Kia Sixth Man of the Year award with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2020, which is incredible considering the big man is only 28 years old. A felony drug accusation coming from a traffic encounter last month puts Harrell’s career in some uncertainty.

Overall, While a few contracts have already been inked during the NBA free agency season this year, many outstanding players are still unsigned.