Miguel Torres (R) (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast Ep. 48: Miguel Angel Torres

The Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast is back with Episode 48, and we have an amazing guest yet again in Miguel Angel Torres. Torres is a living legend, compiling an MMA record of 44-9, and he continues his passion post fighting. Check out the episode to see if that may change in the future.

This was an absolute eye-opener to learn so many things about a fighter that has been in the MMA world since 1999. Miguel talked about his first 20 fights, fighting in bars for no money, hiding fighting from his dad, and even fighting multiple opponents in one single night. He even talked about how he fought the same guy twice in one night. Torres also dove into what his life is like now after fighting, what his gym means to him, and, most importantly, his new group simply called the Wolf Pack, which is a group of five gentleman who have been afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.

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