Yuki Egawa (K-1 Group)

K-1 World GP 2019 in Yokohama Results: Egawa Dominates Featherweight Tourney Field, Takeru Edges Murakoshi

On Sunday, Nov. 24, the K-1 group returned to the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan.

In the night’s tournament final, Krush 57.5-kilogram champion Yuki Egawa stopped all three of his tournament foes en-route to winning the K-1 featherweight tournament title and featherweight championship belt. The newly crowned champion knocked out Jorge Varela, Arthur Meyer, and Jawsuayai Ayothaya Fight Gym inside of the first round to move his winning streak to seven.

In the evening’s co-main event, the world’s top-ranked kickboxer Takeru extended his winning streak to 33 following a close decision victory over former K-1 featherweight titleholder Yuta Murakoshi.


Krush welterweight champion Minoru Kimura stopped his seventh consecutive opponent inside the distance following a second-round knockout over Italy’s Jordan Valdinocci.

In the night’s main card action, Krush super welterweight champion Jordann Pikeur stopped two-time K-1 Koshien champ Kaisei Kondo, Krush lightweight titleholder Kenta Hayashi knocked out Daiki Kaneko, and top-10 60-kilogram kickboxer Kouzi comeback to stop Pancrase veteran Seiya Kawahara.

The event aired live on Abema TV.

Yuki Egawa def. Jawsuayai Ayothaya Fight Gym by knockout. Round 1, 0:58 – featherweight tournament final
Takeru def. Yuta Murakoshi by majority decision (30-29, 29-29, 30-29)
Minoru Kimura def. Jordan Valdinocci by knockout. Round 2, 2:28
Jordann Pikeur def. Kaisei Kondo by knockout. Round 2, 2:40
Kenta Hayashi def. Daiki Kaneko by knockout. Round 2, 0:35
Kouzi def. Seiya Kawahara by knockout. Round 2, 2:59
Ryo Aitaka def. Yang Jea Geun by knockout. Round 1, 0:57
Yuki Egawa def. Arthur Meyer by knockout. Round 1, 2:52 – featherweight tournament semifinal
Jawsuayai Ayothaya Fight Gym def. Hirotaka Urabe by extra round unanimous decision (10-9×3) – featherweight tournament semifinal
Yasuhiro Kido def. Katsuya Jinbo by knockout. Round 2, 2:29
Hideaki Yamazaki def. Ruku by knockout. Round 1, 1:24
Daizo Sasaki def. Hayato Suzuki by unanimous decision (30-28, 29-28, 30-28)
Roel Mannaart def. Chris Bradford by knockout. Round 1, 2:19
Arthur Meyer def. Haruma Saikyo by knockout. Round 2, 1:59 – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Yuki Egawa def. Jorge Varela by knockout. Round 1, 1:49 – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Jawsuayai Ayothaya Fight Gym def. Riku Anpo by knockout. Round 1, 1:14 – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Hirotaka Urabe def. Brandon Spain by unanimous decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28) – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Toma def. TETSU by unanimous decision (29-26×3)
Shota Oiwa vs. Ryuto ends in majority draw (29-30, 29-29, 29-29)
Junpei Sano def. Kazuma Kubo by unanimous decision (29-27×3)
Kazuma Takuda def. Kaito Yamawaki by knockout. Round 1:09
Keito Okajima def. Rikiya Yamaura by unanimous decision (30-28×3)
EITO def. Kenta Ishibashi by knockout. Round 1, 2:56