Facing a year-long suspension before being allowed to compete in mixed martial arts once more, welterweight Hector Lombard is looking to go back to his roots.

Combat Press has learned from sources close to the fighter that the UFC fighter is targeting qualification for the Australian Judo team for the 2016 Summer Olympics which take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lombard, who was born in Cuba, received Australian citizenship in 2006.

Lombard competed in the 2000 Olympics in Judo where he represented Cuba in the 73-kilogram division. He then turned his attention to MMA, turning pro in 2004. In addition to competing in the UFC, Lombard is a veteran of Pride FC, as well as a former Bellator MMA middleweight champion.

The last time Lombard fought inside the Octagon, he defeated Josh Burkman via unanimous decision at UFC 182. However, that victory was overturned and ruled a no-contest by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after Lombard tested positive to the anabolic steroid desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT) in his post-fight drug test.

If the 37-year-old is serious about his plans to compete in the 2016 games, he will have to make haste. His only real opportunity to qualify for the Australian team will be this June at the Australian Nationals.

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  • Gerald Hebe

    Hector Lombard………You cannot go back to your National Judo Team of Cuba cause you deserted them in Australia. Whatever happens should you be up to finding yourself a spot on the Aussie. National Judo team, which I doubt, then you would have to face the Olympics committee about drug abuse. Good Luck.

    • Ruffles

      Hey dumb shit if you got over your hate for long enough to clearly read then you would notice that the article states he is qualifying for the AUSTRALIAN Judo team, dip fuck,

    • yo yo

      Gerald hebe you’re a fuckwit ;-)

    • Water Buffalo

      Hebe_ I always search my heart to figure out, why people like yourself find joy in hating. To date I have no answer, just a sick feeling inside.

  • Gerald Hebe

    The I.J.F. will Blockade him, Cuban style….

    • Water Buffalo

      Go crawl back under the rock you came from, you ignorant moron.

  • Gerald Hebe

    Blockade USA style is what I meant.

    • Water Buffalo

      We understood what you meant, no need to clarify ignorance.

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  • Water Buffalo

    Screw you haters.

    I am a Cuban-American, moreover we are all Americans from Patagonia to the Bering Strait. Wether you approve of what he did defecting in the year 2000 or his alleged PED usage, a man has to do what he has to do, to better himself; we all deserve a second chance_he is not a criminal. Hector certainly has the right as a free human being living in our planet to reinvent himself. If he wishes to try out for the Aussie Judo team, I for one, will be in his corner.

    Suerte consorte !

  • Gerald Hebe

    Hector Lombard is, to me, the best Martial Artist to ever enter a UFC fighting area. I have been cheering him on until this drugs thing happened. I still encourage him to fight clean and wish him the best of luck. Viva Cuba