Michael Chiesa (L) faces off with Kevin Lee (Dan Kuhl/Combat Press)

How Online Betting is Boosting The Profile of UFC Events

As MMA fighters enter the Octagon, the thrill frequently transcends the boundaries of the cage as more fans turn to the online world to get in on the action. Betting on UFC events has emerged as a lucrative venture for businesses, enticing a greater number of fans to actively participate in the sport.

Given that online betting is a fairly new addition to the world of sport, it’s pretty interesting to see how much of an impact it has already made on MMA fights. The extent to which, we’ll discuss further throughout this article.

How online betting is used in the world of live sports

A few decades ago, when there was a big sports match coming up, people would run down to their local bookies and place a bet. Although the comradery of sitting in the betting shop with your friends, waiting to see the outcome may have been fun back then – it’s just not how things are done anymore. 


The move to virtual experiences started with casinos, and with the early games like poker, slot machines, and blackjack making up an online casino that provided all the ambiance that people had come to know in a real-life casino. With the success of these early online casino games, people also saw the opportunity to offer sports betting platforms – and this change has been extremely popular.

Now, through online betting, people can quickly put down money before or during a UFC fight on who they think is going to win. You can make your decision on who you want to put money on based on their betting odds – for example, the best MMA fighters to bet on are usually Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, and Valentina Shevchenko. But, you’ll be able to see the odds before making a bet so you can choose wisely.

Provides fans with more opportunities to get involved

The ability to place strategic wagers on various aspects of a fight, from predicting the victor to forecasting the method of victory, adds an interactive layer to the spectator experience. Fans are no longer passive observers; they become active participants, invested not only emotionally but also financially in the outcome of each UFC event.

This heightened engagement translates to longer viewer retention and increased interest in undercard fights, transforming even preliminary matchups into anticipated events. As fans eagerly watch the drama unfold in the Octagon, the prospect of a successful bet intensifies the stakes, creating an immersive experience that extends beyond the final bell.

Before when fans were simply left to observe fights, it was a struggle to get fans who were watching from home to feel the same excitement as people in the room watching the fight live. By upping the stakes with live betting, anyone can feel like they’re in the middle of all the action – even if they’re on the way to work, or sitting in their bedroom.

Creating additional revenue streams for the UFC

Beyond the arena and pay-per-view sales, online betting has emerged as a substantial revenue stream for the UFC. Partnerships with betting operators and the integration of betting markets into the overall event experience contribute significantly to the organization’s financial success. Income is coming in all the time, but it’s the high-profile matchups that act as the real breadwinners for the UFC and can generate some pretty impressive revenue through various betting margins and fees.

Having more money coming into the sport not only allows the UFC to invest in the production value of the fights but also fuels promotional activities that boost awareness of the sport outside of the existing fans. MMA fighters are becoming household names, helping the likes of Impa Kasanganay go from sleeping in cars to competing for $1 million. Due to these expanded promotional activities, more people than ever are tuning in to some of the most anticipated fights of the season, and the UFC has been able to go up against the likes of other high-profile sports that have remained in the limelight for years.

Bringing the community feel to UFC events

Without the betting shops being the hub for watching live sports, many people were worried that fight nights wouldn’t have the same buzz as before. But now, even though they aren’t confined to living rooms or sports bars, fans are still able to soak up the atmosphere online.

Fans of MMA fights can now gather on online betting platforms with other fans of the sport to share their thoughts, discuss odds, and celebrate victories together. You can also see this happening a lot on various social media channels and online MMA forums that have helped turn UFC events into social experiences.

Thanks to this digital world, fans are able to enjoy the thrill of witnessing pivotal moments in the cage no matter where they are in the world. This social nature of sport has been able to continue and paved the way for newcomers to join the UFC community.