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Five Crucial Tips for MMA Betting

MMA is among the fastest-growing sports globally, and betting on MMA, especially on the UFC, is one of the most popular markets at online sportsbooks. But while placing a bet on MMA fights is quite straightforward, there is a big difference between a regular bet and a smart one. Sure, there is no specific way to win fighting bets, but there are several ways you can improve your UFC fight night predictions.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best MMA betting tips that can help improve your chances of success.

Size Up Styles

True to its name, mixed martial arts comprises fighters with varying styles and practices, which brings exciting matchups to the cage. Some fighters are skilled in jiu-jitsu and wrestling and prefer taking the fight to the ground, while others are more upright strikers who enjoy standing and delivering blows.


Observing how the various styles match up and one fighter’s advantages over the other is a fantastic way to find value in your betting odds. But like in boxing, you should also consider the stance (southpaw or orthodox) when handicapping a fight. Depending on the fighter’s style, southpaw fighters can have an advantage over their orthodox counterparts. This is because in most fights, they are not used to defending that particular stance.

Look Deeper than the Records

When sizing up UFC betting odds, the first place bettors look is the fighter’s records. However, records provide limited information as it is tricky to determine the quality of opponents just by looking at their wins and losses. 

As such, dig deeper into the performances and the MMA news surrounding them. Look at it this way: Perhaps a fighter’s losses result from them facing elite-level opponents. Or an opponent’s impressive record is because they have battled inferior competition. Remember that fighters who have gone against the best in the game are often more prepared and adapt quicker during fights than those who haven’t faced a real challenge.  

Keep Track of Injuries

Because it is a combat sport, injuries are part of the MMA package. An injury could keep a fighter away from the ring for weeks or even years. So, to be a successful bettor, consider how these injuries will affect a fighter once they are back in the cage. Get information from the media, training camp reports, and UFC news.

As you work this information into your bets, ask yourself how the injury can also affect the fighter in the cage. Will it make them slower? How dependent is the fighter on an area they’ve been struggling with? All this can help affect the result.

Consider Weight 

MMA is of course made up of several weight classes. Fighters move up and down in these classes based on their bodies as well as the level of competition and success. While some fighters can cut and maintain their weight, others, particularly those whose movements in the class are frequent, have a difficult time making it under a certain limit. 

When betting, you should take note of fighters that have a hard time making weight. Weigh-ins happen the day before the fight, and if a fighter is close to missing the cut, they undergo drastic measures to avoid tipping the scales. They could be starved, overtrained, or even dehydrated. Late weight cuts often leave the fighters drained before they hit the cage. 

Consider Reach

Reach refers to how long a fighter’s arm is and is another crucial factor in MMA betting. If a fighter has a longer reach, they can connect on more strikes without positioning themselves too close to their competition. Stack up mismatches in reach with style matchups to find strikers that can leverage their longer reach to land shots and squash their opponents. This will help you find more value and increase your chances of success.