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Conor McGregor Eyes UFC Return in April: Potential Matchup with Michael Chandler

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After a long-awaited hiatus, former dual-weight champion Conor McGregor is expected to make a grand UFC return in April, possibly headlining the UFC 300. This would mark McGregor’s first fight since his unfortunate leg break against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. The Irishman’s re-entry into the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) testing pool on October 8th strongly indicates that the 35-year-old is readying himself for a comeback.

Life of Conor


The life of Conor McGregor, born on July 14, 1988, in Dublin, Ireland, is a testimony of sheer determination and grit. Starting his journey in boxing at the young age of 12, he later shifted his focus to mixed martial arts. With his charismatic personality and indomitable spirit, McGregor quickly rose to prominence, winning his first two UFC titles in 2015. Known for his flashy lifestyle and controversial statements outside the ring, McGregor’s career has had a roller-coaster ride of incredible highs and challenging lows. However, his resilience and fighting spirit continue to inspire millions worldwide, eagerly anticipating his return to the UFC.

Speculation on McGregor’s Absence

McGregor, who has kept the world of UFC fans on their toes with his potential return, was slated to fight Michael Chandler in 2023. However, his absence from the Usada pool for months raised eyebrows. For athletes to participate in the UFC, they must have remained in the pool for six months, showing no positive test results and at least two negatives. Despite McGregor’s prolonged absence from the Usada pool, the UFC and McGregor himself hinted at a possible exemption, a move initially rebuffed by Usada in early October.

The highly-anticipated matchup with Chandler seems to remain on track. The 37-year-old American fighter has patiently awaited McGregor’s return amid continuous delays. McGregor, the former dual-weight champion, gave his most significant hint yet that April could witness his return to the arena.

Past and Possible Future Opponents

Throughout his absence from fighting and since his bout with Poirier was announced, McGregor has made waves by discussing potential fights with Justin Gaethje and old adversary Nate Diaz. However, UFC president Dana White has maintained that Gaethje will not be McGregor’s next opponent, and Diaz is no longer signed to the UFC.

The weight category at which McGregor will compete remains a point of speculation. After securing the featherweight title in 2015, McGregor went on to claim the lightweight belt in 2016, thus becoming UFC’s first-ever dual-weight champion. He has also fought at welterweight thrice, notching victories over Diaz in 2016 and Donald Cerrone in 2020. Expectations that McGregor will return to featherweight are minimal, although Chandler typically fights at lightweight. Interestingly, McGregor has hinted at a possible return to middleweight, given his significant gain in mass during his recovery from his broken leg.

McGregor incurred the leg injury during his second consecutive defeat by Poirier, who previously knocked out the Irishman in January 2021. This duo, who contested both matches at lightweight, initially clashed at featherweight back in 2014, with McGregor triumphing over the American by knockout.

Anticipation of Details

As the UFC world teems with anticipation, the details of McGregor’s return remain shrouded in mystery. Whether he will indeed face Chandler, at what weight class, and most importantly, his form following his injury recovery are all questions whose answers will only unravel with time. All eyes are set on April as the former champion prepares to step back into the octagon. Fans eagerly await the announcement of potential dates and locations, along with FanDuel MMA odds for this highly-anticipated matchup. 

Will McGregor make a victorious comeback, or will Chandler dash his hopes? The speculation continues as UFC enthusiasts prepare for an epic showdown in the octagon.