PFL 10’s Biaggio Ali Walsh Talks Grandfather’s Legacy: ‘The People’s Champion’

The grandson of Muhammad Ali, Biaggio Ali Walsh, is looking to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in and out of combat sports. Muhammad Ali is known as one of the greatest athletes to ever live and was also an inspiration for multiple generations. Ali Walsh is hoping to uplift those around him through his fighting career.

Biaggio Ali Walsh

Ali Walsh, and his brother Nico are both combat sports athletes who have some huge shoes to fill. Nico is making a name for himself as a highly touted boxer, while Biaggio is fighting in the PFL as an MMA fighter.

The US-born Ali Walsh is certainly an athlete to keep an eye on. Currently, he is on a five-fight winning streak, all by knockout. He is looking to make it six in a row, as he faces Joel Galarza Lopez at PFL 10: 2023 PFL World Championship booked for Nov. 24.


The Legacy of Muhammad Ali

Being the grandson of Muhammad Ali could be a point of immense pressure for some people, but for Ali Walsh, it’s a point of inspiration. He is proud of his grandfather’s legacy, in and out of the ring. Ali uplifted and inspired those around him, but, more than anything else, he was simply kind to everyone he met. This is the factor Ali Walsh is most proud of.

In an interview with Tim Wheaton of Combat Press, Ali Walsh explained:

“The more money you have, you can do a lot of good deeds. And, that’s what my grandfather understood. He used his platform for. He never said no to an autograph, even though he could have. Everybody knew him in the world. He could shun people off, be pissed off at paparazzi and stuff like that.

“But he wasn’t like that. That’s why he was the people’s champion. He, just brought joy. There are people who tell me stories about him. And about all like, ‘I met your grandfather one time and this and this and that happened and he was awesome.’ And I love hearing stories like that. I’ve never heard a bad story about him.”

Ali Walsh is already working to uplift those around him. The 25-year-old athlete recognizes where the need is and has more plans to help. He added more details bout his care package of hope:

“I love his story. I can do it too. That’s what I want to do in five years, really, help people. I think the more money that I can make, I can help a lot of people. I can donate more to charity.

“I have this thing written in my notes. I call it the care package of hope. And basically what it is, is just a big backpack of just supplies that I can give to the homeless; food, clothes, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, you know, stuff like that, that I could just throw into a bag and just give it to somebody who really needs it and really get them on their feet.”

Ali Walsh is looking to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by not only being a great fighter, but also aiming to help his community. He is a former football player and film major, who is now transitioning to full-time MMA. The next step for the Ali Walsh’s journey will be in the PFL on Friday, Nov. 24.

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