July Kickboxing Knockouts

Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of July 2023

We have explored the world of kickboxing and assembled a list of the top ten best kickboxing knockouts in Jul. 2023. This month featured two major kickboxing events with RISE World Series and K-1 World Grand Prix. For kickboxing in July, we got you covered with the best of knockouts this month.

Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of Jul. 2023

10. Kento Haraguchi Knocks Out Anvar Boynazarov With a Body Kick – RISE World Series

The karate-based Kento Haraguchi made it look easy against the veteran striker Anvar Boynazarov. Japan’s Haraguchi threw a double kick combination, one at the head and another at the body. The body kick ended the kickboxing match only 90 seconds into the fight.

9. Momu Tsukamoto Knocks Out Toshihiro Yamakawa With a Spinning Back Fist – RISE World Series

The 17-year-old Momu Tsukamoto added an impressive knockout to his record when he faced the veteran striker Toshihiro Yamakawa. Momu only needed two minutes into the first round to find a home for his powerful spinning back fist. No second knockdown was needed as his opponent was unable to recover.


8. Kana ‘Silerwolf’ Morimoto Knocks Out Mckenna Wade With a Body Kick – K-1 World Grand Prix

The reigning K-1 women’s flyweight world champion Kana ‘Silerwolf’ Morimoto was able to defend her crown in just fifty-two seconds. With a thunderous kick to the body, she ended the English fighters’ debut in K-1 Kickboxing early.

7. Ryota Nakano Knocks Out Sung Hyun Lee With a Spinning Back Fist – RISE World Series

After an action-packed first round, Japan’s Ryota Nakano was able to stop his South Korean-born opponent Sung Hyun Lee with a spinning back fist setup from a missed kick, in this month’s RISE World Series kickboxing card.

6. Yuki Yoza Knocks Out Aikmongkol Gaiyanghadao With a Liver Kick – K-1 World Grand Prix

The K-1 world champion Yuki Yoza extended his win streak to an impressive seen in a row. With a kick to the liver, the 25-year-old Japanese striker was able to stop Thailand’s Aikmongkol Gaiyanghadao less than a minute into their meeting.

5. Hiromi Wajima Knocks Out Jordann Pikeur With Punches and Kicks – K-1 World Grand Prix

Japan’s Hiromi Wajima had two goals in this matchup, defend his K-1 super welterweight crown, and avenge his loss to Jordann Pikeur. With an outpouring of strikes, Wajima did not give his opponent any room to breathe. With relentless pressure and punching combinations, Wajima was able to win this bout via TKO in Eound 2.

4. Kazuki Osaki Knocks Out Aiman Lahmar With Calf Kicks – RISE World Series

The top-ranked pound-for-pound kickboxer Kazuki Osaki was able to showcase his skills in the opening round of the 2023 RISE Grand Prix. The RISE super flyweight champion ended the French-born Aiman Lahmar’s promotional debut with a series of painful kicks to the calf and shin.

3. Toki Tamaru Knocks Out Petchsila Wor.Auracha With a Knee to the Body – RISE World Series

In the opening round of 2023 RISE Grand Prix, Japanese Southpaw Toki Tamaru fought with an unyielding pace against Thailand’s Petchsila. The 21-year-old Tamaru ended the match with a series of punches in the clinch and a powerful knee to the body. On Aug. 26, Tamaru and Kazuki Osaki will meet in the ongoing RISE tournament.

2. Masaaki Noiri Knocks Out Amansio Paraschiv With a Body Kick – K-1 World Grand Prix

Japan’s Masaaki Noiri has become a crowd favorite due to his incredible streak of knockout wins. The former K-1 world champion kickboxer’s most recent six victories were all won via knockout. With a kick to the body, Masaaki Noiri stopped the former WAKO champion Amansio Paraschiv in the first round.

1. Shinpei Kiyoshige Knocks Out Makoto Yamashita With a Rolling Thunder Kick – KROSS×OVER

Shinpei Kiyoshige performed one of the most visually impressive knockouts in kickboxing history with his “rolling thunder” kick against Makoto Yamashita. He turned his back and did a front flip, his heel landed solidly on his opponent’s chin, and it was a wrap.