ONE Friday Fights 20

ONE Friday Fights 20 Results: Jaosuayai Knocks Out Petsukumvit in Round 1

On Friday, Jun. 9, ONE Championship hosted ONE Friday Fights 20, live from the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. The event featured 10 Muay Thai bouts and two MMA fights.

The event airs live on YouTube starting at 8:30 a.m. ET. Check below for full results.

Muay Thai bout: Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan def. Petsukumvit Boi Bangna by KO (punch). Round 1, 2:30
Muay Thai bout: Theptaksin Sor Sornsing def. Yodkritsada Sor Sommai by split decision
Muay Thai bout: Results: Suablack Tor Pran49 def. Thanungern FA Group by KO (punch). Round 2, 2:14
Muay Thai bout: Puengluang Baanramba def. Jomhod Chor Ketwina by KO (punch). Round 3, 2:30
Muay Thai bout: Rambong Sor Therapat def. Petsuwan Boomdeksean by KO (punch). Round 1, 0:15
Muay Thai bout: Gusjung Fairtex vs. Nongnuk Mor Kor Chor Chaiyaphum ends in a no contest (accidental eye poke). Round 1
Muay Thai bout: Yod-IQ PK Saencha def. Mavlud Tupiev by unanimous decision
Muay Thai bout: Victor Teixeira def. Kongthailand Kiatnavy by KO (punch). Round 2, 2:46
Muay Thai bout: Jaising Sitnayokpunsak def. Zhang Jinhu by KO (head kick). Round 1, 0:34
Muay Thai bout: Saenphon Sor Sommai def. Gokhan Boran by unanimous decision
MMA bout: Konstantin Konstantin Marareskul vs. Bartosz Skrok ends in a no contest (accidental knee to back of head). Round 2, 3:06
MMA bout: Torepchi Dongak def. Ivan Orekhov by TKO (corner stoppage). Round 2, 3:16