Jo Nattawut (Bennie Palmore/Lion Fight)

Superstar Fight 7 Results: Nattawut Tops Zhao, Dongqiang Dominates Fukuoka

On Friday, Jan. 13, Superstar Fight returned to Hunan, China for Superstar Fight 7.

In the evening’s main card action, two-division Lion Fight champion Jo Nattawut fought on China’s Yan Zhao. W5 75-kilogram tournament winner Cosmo Alexandre took on local favorite Xiaofeng Tan. Riguelng Baoshe won a one-night, four-man tournament with victories over Alexin Donnie and Carlos Hicks.

The event aired live at 8:30 a.m. ET on HNETV. Check back following the event for the full results.


MMA: Buren Wuliji def. Beno Adamia by knockout (slam). Round 3
Dongqiang Lu def. Naoya Fukuoka by decision
MMA: Dandan Hu def. Kang Jin Hee by decision
Riguleng Baoshe def. Carlos Hicks by decision
Cosmo Alexandre def. Xiaofeng Tan by decision
Jo Nattawut def. Yan Zhao by decision
Carlos Hicks def. Shiyuan Li by decision
Riguleng Baoshe def. Alexin Donnie by decision