Denis Puric ONE 167

ONE 176’s Denis Puric on Rodtang: ‘I’ll Be Kicking Your Jaw Right Out’

At ONE 167, Denis Puric will take on Rodtang Jitmuangnon. On Jun. 7, “The Bosnian Menace” will finally face the man he has been aiming at for years; the Muay Thai king Rodtang. The Canadian-Bosnian striker Puric has won world titles in Muay Thai and Taekwon do and will put it all on display in this upcoming kickboxing match.

Denis Puric Talks Rodtang Fight

Puric experienced a turbulent childhood beginning with the Yugoslav Wars in 1992, which compelled his family to move abroad. He spent his early years in refugee camps, facing significant hardships and living under the continual threat to his family’s safety. Martial arts became his refuge, starting with karate in a refugee camp and later taekwondo when his family made a brief return to Slovenia.

The ongoing search for a safe environment eventually brought them to Canada. Here, Puric dedicated himself further to combat sports and discovered a love for Muay Thai. His passion for Muay Thai has earned him impressive acclaim worldwide and has even trained alongside the legendary Buakaw Banchamek.


Now, at ONE 167, he will face “The Iron Man” Rodtang. The Thai-born Rodtang is a phenom of Muay Thai having over 270 total career victories and multiple world title defenses. Puric has long had his eyes on Rodtang and will finally have his opportunity on Jun. 7 in a kickboxing match.

While discussing the Rodtang fight, Denis Puric explained:

“He’s so square. There’s nothing but target there. He can’t catch me because I move. I don’t get hit a lot. As long as I’m in shape, I’ll be too fast, too strong, and I move. He will not be able to catch me. He just comes forward square. I got every tool in the game. I got angles, I got f* hands for days. There’s no clinch, no elbows? Come on. Watch and enjoy the spectacle. It’s going to be amazing, it’s going to be wonderful. It’s time for a new king.”

Rodtang is notoriously aggressive, on this, Puric said:

“I’m not moving back. If I’m moving back, you’re getting hit. I’m going to be slipping, you’re going to get hit on one side. Slip the other side, you’re gonna get hit. No matter where I go, he’s getting hit from there. I’m coming in shape for this fight. He comes forward, and that’s what I want because there’s no clinch or elbows, so come! He’s going to get caught because you know I got them counters, boy, and I’m not like these other guys he’s been getting hit by. He’s not going to be doing this punches his own face with me. Do it, let’s go, and I’ll be kicking your jaw right out.”