Tayfun Ozcan (ONE Championship)

Tayfun Ozcan Discusses Life as a Father

In an unexpected turn of events, Dutch-Turkish star Tayfun Ozcan finds himself five rounds away from becoming the ONE featherweight kickboxing champion. 

After Chingiz Allazov was forced to withdraw from the matchup against divisional king Superbon Singha Mawynn at ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III, Ozcan stepped up. 

Like all athletes on the promotion’s roster, winning ONE Championship gold is certainly a goal of his, but it is not the most important thing in his life. Instead, Focus is split between fight preparation and his two-year-old son.  


When it comes to parenting, the striking star’s philosophy stems from his own difficult childhood, and his goal is to prevent his son from feeling the pain he went through. 

“My situation was very different because there were several children in my house, and my father was an alcoholic. We didn’t have money. I didn’t have any pictures of me as a baby, ever. The first picture of me is when I was four years old. I didn’t have anything from when I was a baby,” Ozcan said. 

“Without having a father next to you, I think you miss out on a lot. All of those things I missed out on, I am giving to my son now. And I feel like this is healing me. I feel the pain and the scars my father left me. But when I give to my son, I feel like I am healing. It is making me better.” 

The upcoming title challenger has used his past to change his future and the future of his son. Everything revolves around love for Ozcan, and this has helped him stay grounded. 

“When you’re a child, you need a father to talk to you. You need a father that’s going to train with you. You need a father to go to school with you. You need a father when you have a bad day at school that will teach you how to be tough mentally,” the fifth-ranked featherweight kickboxing contender said. 

“But I didn’t have any of that. The only thing we had at home was fighting and drugs. There was only negativity at home, and we got beaten all the time. So, I want a very clean and nice environment for my children.” 

“All you need to give your children is love, nothing else.” 

Though he loves competing and enjoys what he does, “Turbine” doesn’t expect him to follow in his father’s footsteps, as the mindset to achieve high levels of success in kickboxing comes from missing out, and his son will never know what that feels like. 

At least, not according to the man himself. 

“My mindset comes from being the black sheep of the family. I didn’t get the clothes I wanted. I didn’t get the haircuts I wanted. I wanted to look good, smell good. I couldn’t get anything. I couldn’t even get shoes to play soccer,” the Siam Gym star said. 

“My soccer debts wouldn’t even get paid. So, all of those things made me so motivated. I needed to make something of my life, whatever it is. Whatever I did, I needed to make something of myself. Then fighting came across me, so that’s why I chose this life.” 

“If he wants to be a fighter, he can. I would be very proud, of course. I will not stop him; I will only help him. But I don’t think I don’t think he will choose kickboxing. Because, like I said, he comes from a good environment. Parents that never fight. No stress, only playing, good times. You know, I don’t think he chooses this life.” 

Tayfun Ozcan will battle Superbon Singha Mawynn for the ONE featherweight kickboxing title at ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III on Friday, Sep. 30, at 8 p.m. ET.