On Friday, July 27, WGP Kickboxing held its 47th event from Taruma, Brazil.

In the night’s main event, top-10 light heavyweight Ariel Machado took on Brazil’s Haime Morais.

The event aired live at 7:30 p.m. ET on Combate.

Ariel Machado def. Haime Morais by split decision
Jordan ‘Kranio’ def. Magnum Max by knockout. Round 1, 1:45 – challenger grand prix final
Otacilio Cena def. Cesar Arzamendia by knockout. Round 3, 0:50
Petros Freitas def. Marcos Carvalho by majority decision
Magnum Max def. Ernesto de la Colina by unanimous decision – challenger grand prix semifinal
Jordan ‘Kranio’ def. César Paredes by unanimous decision – challenger grand prix semifinal
Fernando Almeida def. Leonardo ‘Baiano’ by knockout (punch). Round 1, 1:20
Guilherme Antunes def. Marcel Adur by knockout (knee). Round 2, 2:50
Fabio Alberto def. Guilherme Assis by unanimous decision
Hugo Marques def. Gabriel de Lima by unanimous decision
Matheus Nogueira def. Eduardo Calizario by unanimous decision
Leonardo Diniz def. Diego Silva by unanimous decision
Lucas Helio def. Fernando “Siri” by unanimous decision
Thami “Kvera” def. Yara Luiza by TKO. Round 1, 1:33
Jhonatan Calixto def. Guilherme Silva by unanimous decision
Jonathan Vendrame def. Yabna N’tchala by unanimous decision

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