Donald Cerrone (L) (Rob Tatum/Combat Press)

How Sports Betting Affects the Development of UFC

Sports betting makes competition more entertaining for the spectators. This is why among fans of any sport there are those who wish to place bets. That being said, spectators and gambling operators aren’t the only parties that profit from this. Almost every competition or league, UFC included, collaborates closely with gambling businesses. In other words, thanks to casino or gambling sponsors, MMA competitions can grow. So, let’s see just how these businesses affect the UFC.  We will talk about how viewers are affected by this collaboration, and also how it all started. 

Why is Sports Betting Profitable for UFC

Currently, the gambling industry is extremely competitive. New online casino sites continue to pop up, and everyone is trying to get more users. Moreover, any land-based casino in UK and other countries are seeing a drop in revenue. After all, it’s way more convenient for people to simply play and bet online. So, having a strong brand awareness helps operators stay ahead in this game.  Here you can find the best uk casinos we selected, and without a doubt, you will see some famous brands at this platform. This is because these big businesses often sponsor sports competitions like UFC. Even land-based casinos are creating online betting options, and they use sports events as a marketing tool.

It’s not uncommon to see a big casino host a fighting event, but they want to make sure visitors are using their website to place bets. So, it’s likely that guests can only access their website or app on the wi-fi, and they might even get a promo code. On the other hand, UFC doesn’t have to worry about hosting, and they can make a big event. Moreover, these sponsors increase the revenue of UFC, and as a result, the fighters can look forward to better rewards. 


Additional Career Options for Athletes 

Gambling businesses can actually keep this sport afloat. MMA is a unique fighting event, where the best martial artists get to test their mettle. In fact, it’s the only fighting competition where you get to see different styles of martial arts compete against one another:

  • Boxing and Kickboxing
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Regular and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kung-Fu
  • Wrestling

Other sports that focus on one style, boxing included, are in decline, which means less interest from the audience and less interest from new fighters. When we talk about famous and rich athletes we usually think about soccer players, but thanks to the UFC, the richest athlete in the world is Conor McGregor.  Moreover, famous YouTubers have also started to organize fights among themselves. Stars like KSI, and Paul Logan constantly talk about training and their preparations. 

Another inspiring icon for women is Ronda Rosey, who is one of the unbeaten champions in this category. Many fighters with on their social media presence because they want to get noticed by big brands, like gambling companies. After all, this is a dangerous sport, and having a lucrative side hustle can save their career. As a result, it’s not uncommon for these fighters to be brand ambassadors for sports betting sites.   

More Viewers 

With more resources, the MMA events can be more spectacular, and get better coverage. This allows their viewer base to grow exponentially. The ability to bet on the matches only increases the interest, because you are not simply investing time in entertainment, you can actually make a small profit. Viewers spend hours analyzing each competitor and speculating who will win, betting is one way to make returns on that time investment. 

That being said, odds can be deceiving. The modern industry uses algorithms to generate the odds. The idea is to have bettors purchase these odds proportionally to their value. However, they don’t reflect the actual probability of the outcome. This is a highly unpredictable sport, and there are things viewers can’t possibly know. 

A fighter might have a more serious injury than it initially looks, and if he or she isn’t fully recovered before the match, they are more likely to lose. So, you need to follow the matches closely, if you wish to place quality bets, just following the odds isn’t a way to go.      


People behind UFC have gone above and beyond to make it more appealing, and to increase its value. The current owner The Endeavor Group Holdings has spent 4 billion dollars on their purchase. This high appraisal wouldn’t have been possible without good marketing, and without the interest of sports betting operators in these events. It definitely made the whole thing more competitive and helped the sport grow. Moreover, it created better conditions for the athletes, as they can establish multiple revenue streams if they wish to be brand ambassadors.