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Some Combat Athletes Like to Gamble

Gambling is becoming more and more popular, especially if we are talking about online venues. Land-based casinos still exist and grow, yet their online versions are definitely taking over the world of gambling. Players like playing casino games, because it is much more convenient, quick, and accessible. It is everything you want in the modern world, if you’re looking for a safe environment. There is no better way to place bets, and many successful players and athletes alike seemed to learn the same lesson. Indeed, it seems like famous combat sportsmen are definitely not above gambling and playing casino games. They enjoy several unique casino features and are often seen in Las Vegas, among many places where you can openly gamble and spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Many of such athletes are seen in Las Vegas, specifically at poker tables. Nevertheless, they still enjoy traditional sports betting, even if it concerns their own chosen sport. This is a topic we will touch upon today. We are quite intrigued to learn what athletes enjoy casino features and how much money they spend as well as make from their trips. Naturally, we will also give you some casino life hacks and casino tips that we learn from these players and gamers.

Why Online Casinos Are Popular Among Players and ​​Combat Sportsmen Alike

Before we go anywhere else, it is more than sitting to discuss why online casinos are so popular among many professional athletes in combat. It seems like these people have everything they want. Why would they risk their budget and reputation to gamble and possibly lose themselves while doing so? We can technically put ourselves in their shoes and offer you several reasons why they might enjoy best payout online casino Сanada. Not to mention that anyone would enjoy this particular casino, because it offers impressive real money casino wins, even if you’re not a professional.


That being said, when you play casino games, you exercise a certain amount of control. Precisely taking risks in a controlled environment is what draws many athletes into combat and gambling. These two activities undeniably share quite a few similar characteristics. They allow you to receive adrenaline while being in full control of your emotions. Besides, to gamble and win in a cage, you definitely have to remain cold-hearted and highly calculated. Considering the similarities between gambling and combat sports, it is no wonder why many athletes venture into casinos. They probably remind them of their sport and capture their attention.

How Athletes Choose a Trustworthy Provider

There are quite a few things a successful athlete must ensure. First and foremost, they still have a public image to maintain. The majority of people care about it as well. We all want privacy and comfort. Naturally, no one really wants their identity to be stolen. Nevertheless, the case for famous people is much more serious. Here, we’re not only talking about identity theft, but they are overall images. If something goes wrong and their privacy is breached, millions of people will know about it. That is why players lean towards anonymous gambling at a real table if they want to play poker and enjoy a major casino win. This also concerns real money. When you play at an online casino, you definitely have to keep track of your personal budget. It doesn’t even matter whether you are spending only several dollars or thousands of dollars.

So we have another question here. Is it possible to ensure full anonymity when you play casino games? Even though it is hard to be fully confident in your platform, there are quite a few things mini famous combat sportsmen take into consideration when choosing an online casino. Some of the following elements and casino life hacks will also work for you. Take a look at our list below:

  1. Find a licensed provider.
  2. Try to test the casino with minimum deposits before you make any further commitments.
  3. Sign up for VIP services if you want more assistance.
  4. Take a look at their payment options.
  5. Understand the odds and basic probability theory.
  6. Don’t play when you are too emotional.
  7. Don’t settle for the first platform you find — there are dozens of casinos out there.
  8. Always play responsibly, no matter what.
Ricco Rodriguez
Ricco Rodriguez is the first person on our list. This famous athlete is known for American mixed martial arts. He’s been a professional competitor for more than a decade. He could have millions of dollars in his account, but not only from fighting. It is thought that many of his friends actually speculate that a big part of his fortune came and went through an online casino. Rodriguez, possibly like other fighters on our list, might not shy away from gambling. Among his preferred games, could be poker. This will also be a common denominator for many other athletes that we discuss. With that being said, there is no recent news to talk more about his career as a poker player.

Terrence Chan
The next person on our list is Terrence Chan. For some people, he is even more famous for his success in poker than anything else. Unlike some players on our list, Chan actively competes every year. He’s originally from Canada and has a stable ranking in top poker players, at least among Canadian candidates. As far as was recorded, this fighter has already won 1.3 million dollars from playing poker. It is likely that we will see more of him, considering the championships in Las Vegas. He will continue his career in both fighting and poker. Surprisingly enough, it seems like this champion nowadays prefers poker more than he does fighting, as he hasn’t fought in several years.

Conor McGregor
Even if you’re not a fan of MMA, or you know nothing about it, you will still recognize this name. Conor McGregor is on everybody’s list as one of the most successful and famous fighters out there. However, when he’s not taking names, he could be actively gambling. Even though it is widely reported that he gets millions from MMA, it seems like he gains just as much during his after-parties, marketing his various brands.

Even though this particular athlete never claimed to be a professional poker player, he is a regular for many Las Vegas casinos. He doesn’t like sports betting, but doesn’t seem to say no to a casual poker game or even traditional slot machines. Overall, it seems like gambling for McGregor is more of a source of fun than anything else. Naturally, it also doesn’t hurt that he gets to spend thousands of dollars every time that he is in Las Vegas.

​​Floyd Mayweather Jr.
If we have mentioned Conor McGregor, it is only fair that we also mention one of his rivals Floyd Mayweather Jr. This particular fighter follows suit in his passion for poker and many other similar games. He isn’t just rich, but excessively famous and wealthy. However, he doesn’t get his millions simply from fighting. There are quite a few reports suggesting that Mayweather definitely likes video poker. For example, this particular fighter allegedly won a 100,000 dollar jackpot simply from playing video poker. We were definitely not surprised to learn this news, yet the overall win seems definitely excessive.

The fighter never mentioned how much he spent to reach this type of award. We can only speculate that it was quite a lot, considering the uneven odds of video poker. He is also one of the few fighters on our list who doesn’t shy from revealing his spending and earnings. Perhaps floating wealth and having a cheat code to life is his superpower. Whatever the case may be, it is likely that this fighter will get even more recognition and profit if he continues to play online poker.

Mike Tyson
The next very famous person on our list is Mike Tyson. No list is complete without him. Just like other people on our list, Mike Tyson definitely enjoys poker. It was even featured in several successful advertisements for one of the Las Vegas casinos. Even though that advertisement was aired in 2018, many people still use it for GIFs. We are also might speculate that Tyson would not say no to traditional slot machines. Although, it is pretty clear by now that athletes enjoy traditional table games much more than superficial online slot machines.

Perhaps, it is because poker gets much more attention than any other spectacle at the casino. With that being said, Tyson doesn’t necessarily take part in any championships or actively advertise his trips to Las Vegas. However, there are some people who suggest that he holds several poker games regularly in his house. Among his guests, it was even thought that Snoop Dogg amde an appearance. In any case, we are definitely sure that many would give a lot just to be a part of such a famous poker game.

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao is the last fighter that we wanted to discuss today. First and foremost, Pacquiao is one of the few that doesn’t only engage in gambling, but also hosts his very own events and championships. When he’s not busy hosting, he naturally appears to play himself. Just like Tyson and Mayweather, Pacquiao prefers poker and similar table games over activity at online casinos. Nevertheless, he is one of the few who also seems to enjoy sports betting. This famous athlete appears to place bets in sports, including boxing and MMA. It seems like he doesn’t necessarily have a limit when it comes to placing bets. It is also evident that he has a lot of fun when doing so.

Bottom Line
Overall, this is a small list of famous fighters who seem to enjoy gambling in their free time. Naturally, this list could be much longer, and we can easily continue. Nevertheless, our conclusion will stay the same, and it doesn’t depend on the people who are on our list. They have all possibly gained millions of dollars through fighting and gambling for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they always stay responsible whether they are playing at an online casino or fighting in a cage. Secondly, they keep track of their emotions and feelings. You can never lose control over your thoughts and be over-emotional, because it may cause quite a few issues not only for your budget, but also for your health.

For some of these players, gambling might be a way to gain more money or find an outlet where to spend their profits. For others, it might be a form of entertainment. Nevertheless, there are some people who view gambling as their career. We can hardly blame them, as they definitely succeed in playing poker, sometimes equally as well as they fight. This brings us to another point. It seems like the majority of people on our list prefer table games, including poker, more than any other casino game. It is quite possible that poker has one of the best odds in the house and offers just as much adrenaline as the actual fight. Besides, these people are used to being the center of attention and gaining the spotlight. Poker is just another thing that brings popularity and profit.

*Combat Press, including any person or entity associated with the company in any way, does not provide any financial or betting advice, nor does it make any recommendations. This is being provided for informational purposes only.