Alessio Sakara (Bellator MMA)

Best Italian MMA Fighters in History

Very few Italian fighters have made their debut in UFC, the top international MMA competition, but others are active in other promotions such as Bellator MMA.

Here is a list of some of the best Italian MMA fighters ever, following data and odds on

Alessio Sakara

Sakara is the most popular Italian MMA fighter in the world, being called by his fellow Italian supporters “The Italian King of MMA”. He made his debut in 2002 and in 2005, Sakara became the first Italian fighter to compete in the UFC. Sakara has had some ups and downs during his career as UFC fighter, but he is still considered one of the best Italian MMA fighters ever. “Legionarius” is no longer competing in MMA, mostly working as a TV presenter and actor in Italy.


Marvin Vettori

Vettori is the youngest Italian ever in the UFC and the only Italian to have debuted in the UFC with a victory. He is considered by many the best Italian MMA fighter in the business.

Vettori has been a professional since 2011 and “The Italian Dream” and has fought for Kings MMA since 2015 and Stabile Fight Team since 2014. A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Vettori’s professional record breakdown is 17 wins and five losses.

Michele Verginelli

Verginelli was without any shadow of doubt one of the MMA pioneers in Italy. He made his debut in 1998 when MMA in Italy was still an underground sport, almost bordering on illegal. Verginelli soon became an underground hero for those who love mixed fights, when the name MMA was not yet formalized.

Verginelli never had a chance in the UFC but indeed he fought everywhere in the world being called “Iron Mike” because of his strength and power. He was only submitted twice and was never defeated by TKO or KO. Verginelli is still a true legend among the Italian fighters, however, did not reap as much as he could and should have. He now serves as Alessio Di Chirico’s coach.

Alessio Di Chirico

Di Chirico is the third Italian in history signed by the UFC. His career started in 2008 as linebacker for the American football team of Grizzlies Rome. MMA training was a great way to lose weight and in 2011, Di Chirico decided to become a pro MMA fighter.

“Manzo” Di Chirico’s professional record breakdown is 13 wins and six losses. He is the founder of his current MMA Team, the GLORIA Fight Center, which is based in Rome, his hometown.