On Sunday, Sept. 9, Pancrase held its 299th event from the Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan.

In the evening’s main event, exciting Japanese striker Taichi Nakajima clashed with former UFC fighter Issei Tamura.

The event aired live at 4 a.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass.

Taichi Nakajima def. Issei Tamura by unanimous decision
Ayaka Miura def. Cris Macfer by submission. Round 1, 3:20
Taiyo Hayashi def. João Pedro Saldanha by TKO. Round 3, 0:22
Yutaka Kobayashi def. Hiroshi Takahashi by unanimous decision
Shoshi Tomita def. Kazunari Kimura by unanimous decision
Kazuma Maruyama def. Kyohei Wakimoto by TKO. Round 3, 1:41
Shinsuke Kamei def. Darani Date by knockout. Round 1, 1:10
Yuichi Ohashi def. Yuma Nomura by unanimous decision
Chihiro Suzuki def. Kohei Sugiyama by unanimous dcision
Kosuke Kindaichi def. Atsushi Ueda by knockout. Round 2, 0:18
Hanbyo Oniyama def. Yota Tatsunaru by TKO. Round 2, 3:00
Yasutaka Kato def. Kota Matsui by split decision
Mitsuhiro Takagi def. Shigeki Iijima by TKO. Round 2, 2:23
Yusei Tashiro def. Seio Date by unanimous decision
Nobuhisa Kudo def. Ryosuke Takasugi by submission. Round 1, 1:19