Enfusion Live 64

Enfusion Live 64 Results: Veseli Stops Braun, Macbean Defends Women’s 67-kilogram Title

On Saturday, April 21, Enfusion held its 64th event from Darmstadt, Germany.

In the evening’s main card action, Dutch kickboxer Regilio Van Den Ent took on Morocco’s Karim Allouss, Germany’s own Berat Aliu fought GLORY veteran Aziz Kallah, and Dolly Macbean met Johanna Kruss for the women’s 67-kilogram title.

The event aired live at 10 a.m. ET on Combat Press via FITE TV.


Shkodran Veseli def. Sergej Braun by TKO. Round 1
Andrej Bruhl def. Victor Bordage by decision
Berat Aliu def. Adelino Boa Morte by decision
Regilio Van Den Ent def. Karim Allous by TKO. Round 3
Dolly Macbean def. Johanna Kruss by decision – women’s 67-kilogram title
Mohammed Lazrak def. Cihad Akipa by TKO. Round 3
Jaroslav Lier def. Mehdy Aissa by decision