Welcome to the latest edition of Rear-Naked Choke Radio. On this episode, Fight Chix owner Elisabeth Nuesser (@FIGHTCHIX) joins Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA) to discuss not being welcome at the 2015 UFC Fan Expo.

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The recent Reebok deal that has fighters in an uproar has now affected longtime MMA apparel brands such as Fight Chix. Fight Chix, which has been around since 2006, has been major brand in the sport and been welcomed by the UFC brass to any and all functions. However, Nuesser was surprised to receive an email stating Fight Chix is not welcome to this year’s Fan Expo in Las Vegas, nor are any other brands as Reebok will be the only apparel company at the event. Not too pleased, and with good reason, Nuesser went into great detail about how this affects Fight Chix, fighters, other companies involved in MMA and how she plans to remedy the situation.


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Jason Kelly has been a lifelong fan of martial arts and was instantly hooked on MMA after watching the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 1 at 12 years old. The Canadian dabbled in martial arts and MMA over the years, but the sport he excelled at was basketball. Jason’s introduction to MMA media started at MMA Religion, which led to his position as a feature writer on MMA DieHards. Jason eventually became the Feature Content Manager at MMA DieHards. His duties at MMA DieHards led to hosting MMA DieHards Radio and MMA Cypher Radio with Corey Charron, before going on to join Joe Rizzo's longtime-running show, Rear Naked Choke Radio. Following a short hiatus from covering the sport he loves, Jason joined the staff at Combat Press. Aside from his interest in MMA, Jason has a passion for hip hop, especially battle rap. He considers himself a hip hop connoisseur and is always up for a conversation on the subject.

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