On Saturday, March 9, All Star Fight returned to Bangkok, Thailand, for All Star Fight: World Soldier.

In the night’s main card action, top-10 lightweight Buakaw Banchamek earned his sixth consecutive victory with a dominant decision win over Russia’s Artem Pashporin. Buakaw has now won 12 of his past 13 fights leading back to his controversial decision loss to Yi Long.

The event aired live on Channel 3.

Buakaw Banchamek def. Artem Pashporin by decision
Superbon Banchamek def. Luis Passos by TKO. Round 1
Yodwicha Banchamek def. Ruiz Renozo by decision
Superbank Mor.Ratana Bandit def. Igor Liubcheck by decision
Fonluang Sitboonmee def. Fran Navarro by decision
Spencer Yokkao def. Maksim Petkevich by decision
Jai Aoqi def. Batjagal Sandur by decision
Wang Wenfeng def. Pasquale Androso by decision

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