On Saturday, February 17, the Eddie Bravo Invitation hosted its 15th event from Burbank, Calif.

The event aired live at 8 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass.

Jon Calestine def. Geo Martinez by escape time. Third Overtime – featherweight tournament final
Ben Eddy def. Nick Honstein by submission (armbar). Second Overtime – combat jiu-jitsu bantamweight title
Geo Martinez def. Rafael Domingos by submission (triangle-armbar). Third Overtime – featherweight tournament semifinal
Jon Calestine def. Mike Davila by submission (heel hook). Regulation, 1:43 – featherweight tournament semifinal
Rafael Domingos def. Elias Anderson by submission (choke). Regulation – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Geo Martinez def. Ashley Williams by submission (armbar). First Overtime – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Mike Davila def. John Battle by submission (heel hook). Regulation, 3:48- featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Jon Calestine def. Jason Hayden by submission (heel hook). Regulation, 0:43 – featherweight tournament quarterfinal
Rafael Domingos def. Sergio Perez by submission (flying triangle-choke). Regulation – featherweight tournament opening round
Elias Anderson def. Kevin Berbrich by quickest escape time. Overtime – featherweight tournament opening round
Ashley Williams def. Sergio Hernandez – featherweight tournament opening round
Geo Martinez def. Pablo Alfonso – featherweight tournament opening round
Mike Davila def. Rodrigo Lima – featherweight tournament opening round
John Battle def. Joao Tavares – featherweight tournament opening round
Jason Hayden def. Juan Rosales – featherweight tournament opening round
Jon Calestine def. Edwin Ocasio by submission (heel hook). Regulation – featherweight tournament opening round

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