On Saturday, May 6, Ganryujima traveled to the Maihama Amphitheater in Urayasu, Japan for Ganryujima: Way of the Samurai 2017 in Maihama.

In the night’s action, UFC veterans Katsunori Kikuno and Michihiro Omigawa tested themselves against much heavier opponents in a mixed rules setting. A fighter can win by knockout, TKO, submission, judge’s decision and a ring out (an opponent falls outside the ring three times in one round). The fights are fought on an open circular surface surrounded by a “moat.”

The event aired live on Fuji TV ONE (Japan).

Jimmy Ambriz vs. Katsunori Kikuno ends in a no contest (Kikuno cut on shin)
Michihiro Omigawa def. Jairo Kusunoki by TKO (injury from throw). Round 2, 2:31
Shoma Shibisai def. Honshu Viwako by ring outs (three in one round). Round 1, 1:13
Hideki Sekine def. Baru Harn by TKO (ground and pound). Round 1, 2:51
Marcus Vinicius def. Nobutatsu Suzuki by knockout (spinning back kick and left head kick). Round 1, 1:47
Hiroyuki Tamura def. Tomohiro Kitai by TKO (ground and pound). Round 3, 0:15
Yoshiyuki Yoshida def. Kuntap Charoenchai by unanimous decision

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